May 26, 2021

A Passion for Fashion (and Law)

Ever wondered what an attorney in the fashion industry does? In our ongoing pursuit to spotlight Sticky Lawyers, we found a fashion lawyer who has created a fascinating niche for herself, beginning in law school when she was busting blue jean counterfeiters in LA’s Santee Alley.

Meet Jenny Wu, today’s guest with a style all her own. Through fearless determination and moxie, she’s found legal roles with a premium denim label, an international fashion and accessories brand, and a company that builds brands for fashion influencers.

Oh, and she also appeared on (and nearly won) television’s “The Amazing Race.”

Jenny explains the intriguing details of how she built her expertise in fashion law and shares how a little fear and her parents’ courageous example have fueled her drive to compete and win.

Enjoy this fascinating and lively conversation with Jenny Wu.

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Guest Insights

  • What fashion lawyers do. [00:29]
  • Finding Jeff Lubell and True Religion jeans. [03:45]
  • Joining True Religion’s legal department as a 2nd year law student. [05:37]
  • Jenny’s role in stopping counterfeiters. [10:50]
  • Post-law school role at tokidoki. [14:22]
  • Feeling fear fuels your drive to constantly learn and outperform yourself. [16:19]
  • Starting a fashion blog and attending Milan Fashion Week. [17:14]
  • Monetizing fashion blogs as an early influencer. [18:54]
  • Going in-house at Instaco. [20:02]
  • Working as outside counselor for creatives, designers, and influencers. [22:31]
  • Directly affecting change in a positive way. [22:50]
  • “We should go on ‘The Amazing Race.’” [26:32]
  • Not taking “no” for an answer. [29:30]
  • Pre-Amazing Race preparations. [32:36]
  • Jenny’s Amazing Race around the world. [33:32]
  • The origin of Jenny’s wild ride: her parents. [36:19]
Jenny WuProfile Photo

Jenny Wu

Fashion Lawyer & Blogger