April 19, 2021

What's a Sticky Lawyer? Probably Not What You Think.

Host John Reed previews what Sticky Lawyers is all about. If you want to hear stories from exceptional attorneys who carved out surprising niches for themselves or who have turned their hobbies and passions into thriving, legal careers, this podcast is for you!

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Hey, everybody. I'm John Reed, and I'm the host of Sticky Lawyers. 

For years. I've coached lawyers on how to build their practices and grow deep and profitable relationships. Early on, I recognized that the most successful attorneys all have something in common. They're sticky. I guess I should explain. 

Clients stick to these attorneys because of the high level of trust they instill. Or they stick in our minds because of their unique areas of focus, their contributions to the community, what they do outside the law, or the backgrounds that brought them into the legal profession in the first place. Regardless of those origin stories, they channel their strengths and talents in ways that deliver powerful results and impressions. 

On Sticky Lawyers, I pull back the curtain on these exceptional people and get them to share their stories so you can learn how to make yourself sticky. You'll hear from guests who carved out surprising niches for themselves, or who have turned their hobbies and passions into thriving, legal careers. We'll talk about the grit, the confidence, the intelligence, and sometimes the sheer luck that have brought them success. But it's success on their terms. 

You'll also hear about failure, frustration, and burnout, too, and how sticky lawyers overcome those obstacles. You'll also laugh, hopefully a lot, and you might even tear up unexpectedly. Because, hey, lawyers have feelings too. No, really. It's true. 

So, thanks in advance for joining me on this journey. I hope the podcast engages and enlightens you, and I welcome your comments and guest suggestions. Expect a new episode every few weeks, at least to start. And please be sure to subscribe to Sticky Lawyers to stay up to date on the latest.